Tired of your out-dated, damaged counter top? Refinish it today!

Mica Magic specializes in transforming unappealing counter tops - whether they are out-dated, cracked, scratched, burned, stained, or otherwise damaged - into beautiful like-new surfaces.

Trust our experts and our process.

Our restorative process addresses the cracks, scratches, and malformations of your counter top and repairs these damaged areas with professional-grade bonding agents. We complete our process by smoothing and refinishing the counter top, leaving our customers with an appealing and durable surface that can be appreciated for years.

have a new, beautiful counter top in just one day.

Our quick and efficient refinishing process will have your counter top looking new and beautiful in just 24 hours.

All services provided by Mica Magic come with a 5-year prorated warranty, guaranteeing your counter top will remain beautiful for years to come.

Multi-stone Colors: