Refinish your discolored and out-dated tile walls.

Mica Magic can make your out-dated, discolored, and damaged bathroom tile walls look new and beautiful again. 

trust our experts to save you money.

Our refinishing process is an affordable alternative to replacement. Instead of replacing damaged tiles, our skilled experts repair the cracks and blemishes in your tile with professional-grade bonding agents. Our two-part epoxy coating conceals and protects these repaired areas, leaving our customers with beautiful, like-new tile.

refinish your tile today and protect it for years.

Our quick and efficient refinishing process will have your tile wall looking beautiful in just one day. 

All services provided by Mica Magic come with a 5-year prorated warranty, guaranteeing your tile wall will remain beautiful for years to come.

Standard Colors:

Multi-stone Colors:

(All other colors must be custom-ordered.)